Building automation (BAS), also known as building management system (BMS) or building energy management system (BEMS). Previous generation protocol e.g. KNX, Loxone and Z-Wave.

The bridge is designed to integrate previous generation protocol with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The Comparison

Manufacturer Thinka 1Home Freedompro Atios Pairot TSEEM Home Assistant
Device Thinka for KNX Thinka for KNX - Pro 1Home Bridge for KNX Easykon for KNX Atios KNX Bridge Pairot KNX Bridge for Voice control TSE300 Home Assistant Yellow Home Assistant Yellow with PoE
Price EUR 739.00 EUR 789.00 EUR 799.00 EUR 730.78 CHF 249.00 EUR 495.00 ? USD 124.00 USD 135.00
As router NO YES YES ? ? ? ? NO NO
The Next Generation Protocol
Additions Requires KNXnet/IP router e.g. Weinzierl KNX IP Interface 731 or transceiver e.g. NCN5120, NCN5121, NCN5130, Transceiver from Opternus to communicate with KNX BUS via UDP.

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